Are You Smarter Than An Artificial Intelligence?

You may not be a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist but hopefully you won’t embarrass yourself with this year’s Avengers Quiz.

Note: Answers come from Comic Book History, not Movie History, unless otherwise noted. Because comic book history is real history. Until it changes.

Avengers_Vol_1_1711. True/False: Ultron stands for Ultimate Logic Terror Robot Omniscient Nullifier

2. Ultron was created by: (a) Don Blake (b) Tony Stark (c)  Henry Pym (d) Bruce Banner

3. Ultron’s frame is made of: (a) Adamantium (b) Vibranium (c) Uru (d) Stainless Steel

4. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are the children of: (a) Django and Marya Maximoff (b) The Whizzer and Miss America (c) Magneto and Magda (d) All of the Above (e) None of the Above (f) Who the hell knows? Marvel will change the story 10 minutes after you read this.

5. This Avenger was at one time deemed worthy to wield Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer, but you knew that): (a) Black Panther (b) Captain America (c) Black Knight (d) Spider-Man

Vision6. The Vision’s brain patterns were originally based on which Avenger:  (a) Ant Man (b) Hawkeye (c) Iron Man (d)  Wonder Man

7. True/False: Black Widow was once in a relationship with Bruce Banner.

8. True/False: Ultron numbers himself after each defeat/resurrection

9. True/False: Quicksilver is faster than The Flash

10. True/False: The Vision and the Scarlet Witch marry and have children.

TOMORROW: The Answers

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