Avengers Quiz: The Answers Revealed!

Sorry I couldn’t come up with 20 questions this time. Just count each question as worth two points.

1. True/False: Ultron stands for Ultimate Logic Terror Robot Omniscient Nullifier FALSE. Ultron is not an acronym

ultron-first-appearance 12. Ultron was created by: (c)  Henry Pym. a.k.a. Ant Man. More on him later.

3. Ultron’s frame is made of: (a) Adamantium. Same as Wolverine’s claws.

4. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are the children of: (f) Who the hell knows? Marvel will change the story 10 minutes after you read this. Wanda and Pietro’s parentage has been changed repeatedly over time. All three examples listed were at one time believed to be the parents. Magneto has been their father for decades but that was recently reversed because Marvel doesn’t control the movie rights to the X-Men or mutants in general. No one knows who their parents are currently.

5. This Avenger was at one time deemed worthy to wield Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer, but you knew that): (b) Captain America. No big surprise there.

6. The Vision’s brain patterns were originally based on which Avenger: (d)  Wonder Man. He was dead at the time and Hank Pym made a copy of his brain patterns (whatever those are) for safekeeping. Ultron found them and used them when building The Vision.

7. True/False: Black Widow was once in a relationship with Bruce Banner. FALSE. Natasha has been involved with Red Guardian, Hawkeye, Daredevil, Hercules and Bucky Barnes. I believe she had a fling with Tony Stark and for a time had a crush on Captain America. She’s shown no interest in the HULK (or Thor, that I know of). But that will probably change soon…

flash-vs-quicksilver8. True/False: Ultron numbers himself after each defeat/resurrection TRUE THEN, NOW FALSE. He stopped doing that after Ultron Mark 12, I believe. 

9. True/False: Quicksilver is faster than The Flash. FALSE. No one is faster than The Flash. Not even Superman.

10. True/False: The Vision and the Scarlet Witch marry and have children. TRUE. Despite not being human, The Vision was able to conceive twins with Wanda back in the 1980s. It all got weird and complicated in later years. You know, comics.

20-16: Welcome to Stark Tower

15-10: Your intelligence isn’t totally artificial

9-5: What a way to make a living

4-0: Puny human


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