The Walking Man Sits

For a couple of years in the early part of the 21st Century I was a regular at the Relay for Life. It was a Journal thing, Mel and Stauney were usually in charge. We’d get together quite a group and we’d walk all night and into the dawn, fighting cancer along the way.

It was a good time. And like all good things, it stopped. Not sure why, but I think layoffs and the general disintegration of the Journal had a lot to do with it.

So a couple months ago when Mary Beth asked me to be on her Relay team, I figured — why not?

We arrived late, which is fine as that way one avoids the opening speechifying. We walked the entire circle of the track looking for MB’s tent. Fortunately we brought the cooler with wheels. Finally had to resort to the cellphone. Somehow we had just missed it near the entrance.

I put my lawn chair down next to the giant fan and Andrew and I ate dinner while Lar and Tina went walking. I’ll walk later.

relay6I remember doing a lot more walking at these things  in the past. I blame The Son. For some reason he wasn’t his usually walking self. He seemed content to just sit and who was I to force exercise on him? Besides, he probably had a busy day at the park and wherever.

We did eventually join in. I hate to be critical of a fund-raising event and all but the Fort Zumwalt Relay could really learn a thing or two from the St. Charles West Relay. Namely, get a louder sound system. If you want to keep people walking for 12 hours, they need musical motivation. Having live acts is nice, but if you can only hear them when you walk past them, that’s no good.

Anyway, we walked and talked and ate cookie-brownies and drank lots of water and sat. Mostly sat. Well, I mostly sat. I sat so much that I broke my brand-new lawn chair. (Don’t get your lawn chairs on sale at Aldi).

Laurie fell asleep when they turned the lights out (she’d had a busy week at work) for the luminaria bit so we decided to pack it in sometime after midnight. I’m a lot older than I was at the start of the 21st century.




Did you catch how I’m sitting in all the photos? Yep, I’m officially old. But I’m rockin’ that Batman T-shirt.



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