On Comics, Downtown, Dashing And Bubbles

So The Wife is sitting on the couch reading “The English Breakfast Murder” when I come to her and I says,

“Guess what we’re doing today?”

“Cleaning, reading and visiting mom?”

“Nope. We’re going to the first-ever Comic Con at the St. Louis Library.”

“Isn’t that the kind of thing that you do by yourself?”

“Yes, but it’s downtown and I don’t want to drive there and you know where it is and I don’t and you can parallel park and I can’t and it’s family friendly fun for the whole family.”

“I think you could find it yourself.”

“Plus, you owe me for three operas and one Shakespeare in the Park.”

“Fine. Let me get my costume.”

And so it was that I, in my Hawkeye outfit, Andrew, in his Avengers T-shirt, and Laura, dressed as Hawkeye’s wife Laura, made our way downtown for the Library’s version of comic-con. I wasn’t expecting much. They were only allowing a handful of vendors and no one of significance was coming and none of the program topics were of interest.

But I had been wanting to see the downtown Library ever since it was refurbished and Lar went on a tour and raved about it. So this was as good a time as any.

Laurie squeezed the car into a space and we spent the next 10 minutes figuring out how the meter worked. Stupid St. Louis. Why do you charge for parking on weekends? It is no fun trying to do anything when you’re always worrying if it’s time to go out and feed the meter.

Followed the Ewok and some other strangely dressed people inside. Saw a young man in a really nice Hawkeye outfit that made mine look puny. We gave each other the thumb’s up. Walked about and it was about what I expected.  A few tables scattered through a few rooms, nothing really of interest. We did catch the last half of a lecture on “The Best Comics on Earth.” It was as pretentious as you’d expect. If there was a DC, Marvel or Archie comic on the list, it must have been in the first part of the lecture. I’m betting there wasn’t.

The real attraction was, indeed, the Central Library itself. If you live in St. Louis and haven’t checked it out, you should. Lovely architecture, painting, woodwork and stained glass. The main hall is like something out of a train station.

Saw another Hawkeye as we were leaving. Gave each other the thumb’s up. Stopped for a pizza on our way to visit the Mother-In-Law. Got home with 90 minutes to spare before we had to leave for the Hollywood Dash. Lar went grocery shopping, I passed out on the bed.

When I was awoken it was 6:30 which meant we were going to be lucky to get to the community college on time. Got there and followed the signs which led to a dead-end. Drove around in circles trying to get to where the action was but all roads were blocked off. This has not been a good weekend for driving.

bubblesWith much cursing I finally parked the car and we walked around until we found where the starting position was. The walk began and we followed along. It was a pleasant one-mile walk but a little warm for my taste. Free water and bagels at the end made it worthwhile. Visited the various booths and got a lot of free crap. There was a giant bubble thing making bubbles so I made Andrew stand in the middle of it.

Had another bottle of water and visited the rescue dogs before leaving. There were supposed to be food trucks but all they had was a pizza truck (did I mention we had pizza for lunch?) and a shaved ice truck. So we drove down the road to Chick-fil-a.

There were no Hawkeyes there.


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