Next week marks the 42nd annual meeting of the National Convention of Appellate Court Clerks, better known in these parts as LawyerCon. Today I will be flying to beautiful (I’m assuming) Snowbird, Utah.

It’s unusual that they schedule it somewhere that’s not 500 degrees in August so I’m rather looking forward to it. Not looking forward to the flying part, but it beats driving through the mountains.

Oh, this weekend is also the 35th reunion of the Stockton High School Class of 1980. It also takes place on the first weekend of August because my classmates hate me. I have renounced my membership in the Class of ’80 and tried to join the Class of ’83 but they voted me down. I am now truly a man with no class.

But then you already knew that.

Anyway, normally when I go off to LawyerCon I have someone take over the blog in my absence. I used to just pick somebody, then for the past few years we went through a long voting process known as RROY REPORT IDOL. This year I was too busy/lazy/tired to go through an election so I just opened the gig up to volunteers.

After beating off all the applicants with a stick, I finally settled on Chris Perrey. You may recall Chris from such roles as Nephew 2 and My Own Personal Napster.

Chris is an evangelist (is that what they’re calling preachers now?) at 4th and College Church of Christ in Cordell, Oklahoma. (Don’t worry, I’ve warned him not to be too preachy). He’s fluent in alternative music, video games, the book of Exodus and many other entertaining topics, I’m sure.

10592997_10152541333155042_8833798905373470531_nI’m afraid he’s also a bit of a nerd.

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