Welcome to the CPerrey Report

I recognize that title is not quite as catchy. Sorry.

Thanks Ronnie for that (mostly) warm welcome. I believe my nerd credentials have been established, so I am confident that I can maintain the level of geeky pop culture analysis you all have come to expect. I’m not going to commit to a solid schedule for the week, but here are some of the things I plan to cover:

Batman: Arkham Knight

Video games don’t get covered much here, but a Batman game seems like the type of thing our regular host would enjoy if games weren’t so complicated now. Because you get to be Batman.

Before You Go: Fantastic Four (and review?)

A Marvel movie comes out this week, so it falls on me to give you the relevant information about the First Family. I live in a town with one theater, which has one screen, so I can’t promise I’ll actually be able to see the movie this week. However, I don’t have high hopes. This should be clear if you compare what the filmmakers have said the movie is about to what the comics are about.

Music Reviews (Spotify & Apple Music)

One of my nicknames is My Own Personal Napster because of the music I have supplied Ronnie over the years, so I’ll share some of the bands I’ve been listening to. I’ve also recently startedĀ using the Spotify and Apple Music services, so I’ll give some impressions on streaming music.

That’s all I’ve got so far, but I have other ideas if I have time/motivation (comic reviews, podcasts, reflections on life as a small town minister). You know, whatever you’re interested in, let me know. I look forward to subbing for you.


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