LawyerCon 2015: Snowbird,Utah – Part II

Or, Dinosaurs Make It All Better

Day Two

Sundays at LawyerCon are pretty routine. Laura has a business meeting in the afternoon, followed by drinks/appetizers (which we load up on so as to avoid buying dinner), followed by an auction and slide show of photos from last year.

Got up late-ish and walked back down to Snowbird Center. Had brunch at same place we had supper the night before. It was good. Went back to room, Lar went to meeting and Andrew and I went to pool. Pool had lovely mountain views. Nice. Pool was heated. Also nice. Pool had three hot tubs. Very nice. Pool had working wi-fi so I could surf the net and read my comics. Perfect. Pool had lots of noisy, splashy kids. Well, you can’t have everything.


Returned to room around five and got ready for happy hour. This year they were serving actual FOOD — not just appetizers. Excellent. Made our way downstairs and hit the drinks line and checked out the auction items. Nothing of interest. There was a photo booth that Laurie dragged us to. I would’ve had nothing to do with it but they had a Batman mask.

Enough foolishness. Time to eat. I help Andrew get a tray of food. Not a bad spread. We return to our table and begin to eat. Then Andrew begins vocalizing. Uh oh…Then the shaking starts. We go out to the hall. I ask him to calm down and maybe quiet down. “QUIET!” he yells in a voice so loud it would’ve caused an avalanche had it not been August.

OK, time to go to the room and chill. Get inside and he takes his shoes off. I’m sitting on his bed watching “Edge of Tomorrow.” Now, one thing you have to understand about Andrew is that he won’t do anything without prompting. He won’t get out of the car, he won’t get out of the bathroom, etc. So there he stands in near-meltdown mode…He picks up a shoe. He looks at me.

“Throw it if it makes you feel better.”

He tosses it to the floor. He picks up the other shoe. He looks at me.

“Do what makes you feel better.”

He tosses it to the floor. He goes over to the phone and other cords. He picks one up. He looks at me.

“Now that you have to put down.”

He puts it down. He goes over to the couch and sits for a bit. Eventually he joins me on the bed. He’s pretty chill now.

“Do you want to go back downstairs and eat or do you want to stay here and relax?”


LawyerCon 2015: Not off to a great start

Day Three

 Lar is up and out and off to class before we wake up. I eventually wake and stumble for the remote. Static. Huh, that’s odd. Change channels — all static but three or four inconsequential channels. Great. Oh well, we were going to spend the day at the pool anyway.

Get out of bed, open large curtain. It’s raining. Great. The pool is outdoors. We have no TV. At least the wi-fi was working.

Spent the morning surfing the net and reading comic books on the iPad. Andrew slept all morning. We finally get up around noon to get lunch. Since it’s raining we can’t go down to Snowbird Center — not that it matters since most places there aren’t open on weekdays.

That leaves us with the hotel restaurants. There are three. One is only open for dinner, one is only open for breakfast. That leaves the Mexican restaurant. Andrew’s not big on Mexican so we’ll have to wing it.

Turns out they had a kids’ menu with chicken strips so all was well. We spent almost two hours there — in part because service was slow, in part because it took forever to pick all the corn and peas out of Andrew’s Spanish rice, and in part because — well — what the hell else did we have to do?

On the way back to the room I stopped at the front desk to ask about the TV situation. Turns out they had changed providers overnight and there was a glitch, so they had to have a technician come in and go room  to room fixing things. They started on the top floor, of course, and we’re on the third floor.

The tech showed up around 4 and when he left we had about a dozen HBOs and two or three Cinemaxes. Worth the trouble, I suppose. Of course, there wasn’t anything on worth watching.

071That night was our first big outing and what I was sure would be the highlight of the whole trip — an evening at the Utah Museum of Natural History. In addition to Mormons, Utah has lots of dinosaur bones. We boarded the bus and rode down the hill and off for several more miles to the University of Utah and the history museum within.

First we had to eat. Sigh, always with the food and drink with these lawyers. Again, a pretty nice spread. Again, I’m now worried about how Andrew is going to react. We eat and then he starts getting that anxious look.

076This time I came prepared with the iPad. We made our way to the dinosaur hall and sure enough, Andrew is getting more and more flustered. We sit down by some skeletons and he starts banging on the iPad. After a few minutes he’s fine.

The museum had a large room with a very nice collection of dinosaurs and whatnot. Many allosaurs and some very creative displays. Spread out over two levels. One highlight was the wall of ceratopsian skulls. Laurie even figured out which one was the Triceratops without a hint. I was so proud.

utah5There were other things in the museum but who cares? We rushed through the Indian exhibit and some other geological stuff and went out to the top deck which had a nice view. Next stop was the gift shop which was CLOSED. Whose bright idea was that? You don’t invite 100+ lawyers with money into your museum after hours and not pay some poor schlub to work extra hours at the gift shop. Oh, the money you lost, Utah Museum of Natural History.

utah7Back in the main hall people were still eating and drinking so Laurie had another glass of wine and Andrew had some snacks and I made my way back to the dinosaur hall. When I got back I had a snack myself and then Laurie wanted to see the dinosaurs again so I forced myself back for a third visit.

After a rocky start, LawyerCon 2015 was making a strong comeback.

Tomorrow: And then Laurie tries to kill me. 


2 responses to “LawyerCon 2015: Snowbird,Utah – Part II

  1. You guys are such great parents. Andrew is one lucky guy!!!

  2. Kathleen Steele

    Loving your experience. Love to all.

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