Review: Jason Bourne

jason-bourne-poster-AWhile Ronnie and family are enjoying themselves at LawyerCon, this week’s report is brought to you by Nephew2 (Chris Perrey) from Cordell, Oklahoma.  Enjoy!

Matt Damon is back as superspy Jason Bourne for a 4th time (if you don’t count the time he was replaced by Hawkeye). 14 years later, I’m not sure why they decided to give it another go. The Bourne films were groundbreaking at first (compare how the Bond films drastically changed tone in response) but the ‘grounded’ approach is no longer surprising, and felt a bit tired by this 4th film.

When we meet up with Jason Bourne in Jason Bourne, he’s earning a living by winning illegal fist fights (the scene of him knocking out a guy with one punch is cool, but you already saw it in the trailer). A friend from his past (Julia Stiles) seeks him out after uncovering new information about his past. He travels and fights through Greece, Berlin, London, and Las Vegas trying to evade the CIA and learn details about his father and his connection to the Treadstone project which originally trained JB. Tommy Lee Jones plays the curmudgeonly CIA director (not new ground by any means, but his delivery of a couple lines got the only laughs in our theater) while Alicia Vikander is the Cyber Ops Division Head who is more sympathetic to Bourne’s search.

Most of these movies have been about Bourne recovering some aspect of his identity, and at this point it kind of feels like we’re filling in unnecessary gaps. There’s also a side plot about the CIA secretly using a social media site to spy on people but the film has nothing significant to say about privacy concerns. Edward Snowden is mentioned a couple times, but it felt like they have nothing deeper to say about the issue than ‘government intrusion in privacy BAD.’ There are some good action scenes though the final car chase started to feel over the top by the end. I didn’t hate the film, and if you’re looking for a summer action flick, it’s certainly enjoyable. But after a few days Jason Bourne will probably slip from your mind like Jason Bourne’s memories.

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