A RROY REPORT Special Report: LawyerCon 2016: Denver: Part II

Part II: You just roll around Denver all day

Day Three: Monday

On Mondays Laurie is usually in class all day so the boy and I are on our own. We both got up early for no reason so I figured I might as well face the music and call AT&T customer service.

It was a disaster. The connection was lousy and I most of the time I couldn’t understand the guy and when I could understand him I didn’t understand what he was saying. We kept going round and round for about an hour and in frustration I hung up. I’ll deal with it when I get home. Or rather I’ll have the people at the store where I bought the phone deal with it.

Now I’m all worked up and angry and the boy is tired of being cooped up in the room so we go for a walk. Two hours later we have walked all over downtown Denver. I’ve gotten turned around and lost more than once. One minute we’re at Union Station and the next we’re at the Convention Center and I have no idea how I got to either one. By 11 a.m. we’ve somehow made our way back to the shops near the hotel, so we go into a pizza joint for lunch. I’m still worked up over the phone situation so I don’t eat much. We end up taking half the pizza back to the hotel to put in our fridge which is just as well — now I have a snack for the next lawyer meal that doesn’t fill me up.

We spend the afternoon at the pool until time for the evening’s activity — dinner at the History Colorado Center. The food was OK. Glad I had pizza back at the hotel. They had some shredded bison meat that Andrew devoured, so good for him. I’m not big on history museums unless they’re natural history museums and this wasn’t. They did have an exhibit on “Awkward Family Photos” that was a highlight. We had a good time laughing at other people’s expense — but since they submitted the photos for the exhibit I guess we are laughing with them and not at them. Where Andrew is concerned, many of our family photos turn out awkward. And I’m hardly God’s gift to photography.


We started to walk through an Olde Tyme Colorado exhibit but then someone turned out the lights which seemed to be a hint that it was time to go. We left.

Day Four: Tuesday

This was Laurie’s short day. She finished class at noon. Now, we could’ve spent our free day at the golf tournament – but we don’t play golf – or we could’ve gone to a professional baseball game – but I hate baseball – so we wound up at the Denver Museum of Nature and
Science. Because, you know, dinosaurs.

denverdino3According to the iPad, the museum was a measly 3 miles, or 1 hour walk, away. Still, those 3 miles looked much longer on the map. We took a cab. When you walk into the Denver Museum of Nature and Science you are greeted by a T-Rex in an imposing position that looks like he’s either about to pounce — or dance.

Either way, it’s an awesome way to enter a building. I think all buildings would benefit from having a dinosaur skeleton in the lobby.

Our first stop, of course, was Prehistoric Journey. Like many museums that want to teach you something, you have to walk through several exhibits about the beginning of life with trilobites and other really prehistoric junk before you get to the dinosaurs. Did I mention there were like 100,000 children visiting that day? Why must children love dinosaurs? Why aren’t they all at the robot exhibit?

We finally arrive at the dinosaur hall and it’s pretty impressive. The centerpiece is an Allosaurus attacking a Stegosaur and its baby. Across from that is a very impressive Apatosaurus. There’s a Triceratops skull and a variety of other skeletons. They also had a decent setup of ancient mammals and a Woolly Mammoth skull with tusks. I was very pleased.


From there we checked out the mummy exhibit and the animal dioramas. I’m usually not into dioramas but they had some really nice dioramas. So much better than the zoo. Sure, the animals are dead and frozen in place, but at least you can see them. They’re not hiding or sleeping. This got me thinking that someone should open a museum full of dinosaur dioramas. That’s a billion dollar idea that I just threw out there for free. Whoever jumps on it needs to hire the guys who did the dioramas at the Denver museum.

denverdino2It was now time for a late lunch at the T-Rex Cafe. After lunch we walked through the minerals exhibit and something called Space Odyssey then we were ready to leave. The Robot exhibit cost extra so we skipped it.

Called the cabbie and he said it would be a half-hour before he could get to us. So we decided to take the bus. The lady in the museum said to go to the bus stop right out front. While we were there a lady told us the bus we wanted didn’t stop at this stop anymore — we needed to walk a couple blocks to the stop by the zoo. We walked to that stop and waited. First bus was not out bus but it stopped anyway. Second bus was not our bus but it stopped anyway. Third bus was our bus — it didn’t stop. We stared in disbelief as the driver just sped on by. We started to chase after him but gave up and went back and waited. Finally our bus showed up. We got on and he drove a couple blocks, stopped, and said “We have to wait at this stop for about 10 minutes.”

Public Transportation: Can’t get around with it, can’t get around without it.

Eventually we made our way back to the hotel. After chillin’ for about an hour, we went back out to find dinner. We headed out for a pub but when we got there it was closed. We settled for the Appaloosa Grill, which was good but a little pricey. Oh well, I didn’t get any souvenirs at the dinosaur store so it was OK to splurge.

Tomorrow: The Largest Comic Book Store In The World! Oh, and the state capitol. 



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