Batman, Burritos, Bachman, Bart

That last word should be art, but that doesn’t start with a “B”

If you don’t know what to do Saturday, you haven’t been paying attention. If only the stupid weather would cooperate.

Batman Day

unnamed-72-600x922I don’t know why there is a Batman Day — because technically every day is Batman Day — but I’ll never turn down an opportunity to honor The Great One.

Comic book shops, normal book stores, libraries and who knows who else throughout this great land will be marking the occasion by giving away a free Batman comic book. There will probably be sales and other events going on. To find out what’s going on in your neighborhood, go here.

Note: There is no Superman Day. Stupid illegal alien.

Mexican Villa’s Birthday Fiesta

If you’re lucky enough to be in Springfield, Missouri, on Saturday (and trust me, that’s the only time I’ve ever said that), then stop by the Greatest Mexican Restaurant in the World as Mexican Villa celebrates its 65th birthday.


There will be a vintage car show (but who cares?), 65-cent tacos (I’ve never had a MV taco, but I’m sure they’re delicious), inflatables and face painting for the kids, and live music including bluegrass. Because nothing says Mexican food like bluegrass music.

But most important of all, they will be selling the Best Burrito in the World, as declared by The RROY REPORT, which you should enjoy with a side of rice. They also have the best hot sauce and chips. I wish I could be there.

Celebrate Randy Bachman

randy-bachman-1-340x340Celebrate St. Peters is taking place this weekend just down the road at 370 Lakeside Park. There will be carnival rides, kids activities, games and food – but none of that matters.

What matters is that Randy Bachman, mastermind of not one, but two, of the great bands of the 1970s, is the headliner on Saturday night.

Bachman will be playing classic Guess Who tunes like “UnDun,” “No Sugar Tonight” and “No Time” as well as Bachman-Turner Overdrive hits like “Roll On Down The Highway,” “Hey You” and “Takin’ Care of Business.” And all at no charge to you! Bring a lawn chair and set up next to me and the boy (the wife may join us if she’s not playing bingo). Unless it’s still raining and horribly wet. In which come over to the house where we’ll be listening to the Guess Who and BTO on CD while watching a Batman movie.


MOSAICS.jpgThe 22nd annual MOsaics Missouri Festival of the Arts is going on all weekend downtown on Main Street in St. Charles. It’s like the Festival of the Little Hills but smaller and less crowded and more upscale. The latter point being why it is smaller and less crowded. I also like it more than Little Hills Fest precisely because it is smaller and less crowded. There are art booths, food, live music, kid activities. The usual.




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