It’s Justice League Week

Welcome to Justice League Week, where we celebrate the big screen debut of DC Comics’ premiere super team. Eight-year-old me would be so excited. Eight-year-old me wouldn’t care about Warner Bros’ track record with DC movies. Modern me is a little more wary.

I have a long history with the Justice League, which I have already written about at length, so if you missed it the first time around look up “DC and Me” in the archives.


We will be following our usual routine for these things.

MONDAY: Intro to Justice League Week

TUESDAY: Justice League: The Quiz

WEDNESDAY: Justice League: The Answers

THURSDAY: Justice League: The Movie Review

FRIDAY: Justice League: Read More About It

Now go study, because tomorrow we will be testing your JL knowledge and you’ll want to come out of it looking smarter than Booster Gold, won’t you?

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