Justice League Quiz

How well do you know the Justice League? Given how many reboots, revisions and crises they’ve gone through, I doubt anyone – even Batman – really knows all there is to know about the Justice League.

1. True/False: The Justice League of America was the first superhero team in comic books

2. Which of the following has not been a Justice League headquarters: (a) A cave (b) a space satellite (c) a watchtower on the moon (d) an underwater facility outside Atlantis

3. True/False: The Justice League is partially responsible for the creation of the Marvel Universe

aquacover184. In the 1980s Aquaman disbands the JLA and creates a new team filled with newbies and second-stringers like Vibe, Gypsy, Vixen and the Elongated Man. This often-maligned group is known as the Justice League: (a) Boston (b) Chicago (c) Detroit (d) Pittsburgh

5. Which of the following was not a member of the Super Friends: (a) Apache Chief (b) Black Lightning (c) El Dorado (d) Silver Samurai

6. True/False: Catwoman has been a member of the Justice League

7. The Justice League made its debut in: (a) Action Comics (b) The Brave and the Bold (c) Justice League of America (d) Tales to Astonish

8. True/False: Batman made up files on how to take out each member of the Justice League

9. Which of the following has not been a version of the Justice League: (a) Justice League Antarctica (b) Justice League Dark (c) Justice League Elite (d) Justice League Europe (e) Justice League International (f) Justice League Russia (g) Justice League Task Force

10. Which animal did not hang out with the Super Friends: (a) Gleek (b) Krypto (c) Wonder Dog

11. Before joining the big leagues, Cyborg was a longstanding member of this superteam: (a) Challengers of the Unknown (b) Doom Patrol (c) Justice Society (d) Teen Titans

12. Who was the teenage mascot of the JLA: (a) Archie Andrews (b) Rick Jones (c) Ron Wilson (d) Snapper Carr

justice-league-island-life13. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold started a casino and resort, called Club JLI, on this South Pacific island: (a) Bali Ha’i (b) Krakoa (c) Kooey Kooey Kooey (d) Muir Island

14. True/False: Wonder Woman served as the Justice League’s secretary

15. What is the Martian Manhunter’s favorite snack food: (a) Chocos (b) Mars bars (c) Pringles (d) Reeses Pieces

16. The Vision is to the the Avengers what ________________________ is to the Justice League. (a) Cyborg (b) L-Ron (c) Red Tornado (d) Robotman

17. The Justice League first met in their headquarters outside: (a) Gotham City (b) Happy Harbor (c) Metropolis (d) Star City

18. True/False: Hawkeye has been a member of the Justice League

19. Which Justice Leaguer did Green Arrow have a long-running  feud with: (a) Flash (b) Firestorm (c) Hawkman (d) Superman

20. This dog-like member of the Green Lantern Corps managed to get into the Justice League despite being the Jar Jar Binks of the franchise. (a) Ch’p (d) G’Nort (c) Guy Gardner (d) Kilowog

Tomorrow: The Answers




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