Now You See Me…

NOTE: The following fake conversation contains spoilers for Deadpool 2. You have been warned. Although if you haven’t seen it by now, I really have no sympathy.

So I’m sitting at home watching “Evil Genius” when the phone rings.



“It’s been a while.”

“Has it?”

“Are you proud of me?”

“Why would I be proud of you, Pitt?”

“I’m a Marvel superhero!”

“Excuse me?”

“Didn’t you see ‘Deadpool 2?’ I’m the Vanisher!”

“Uh, first of all, the Vanisher is not a hero — he’s a villain. Second, that was a Fox Marvel movie, so it doesn’t really count. It is a good movie, though.”

“Man, I didn’t realize there were so many nerd rules.”

“Hey man, I don’t make the rules.”

“So, are you going to the class reunion?”

“What class reunion? Waitaminnut, you never even finished college.”

“Yeah, just kiddin’. Hey, remember that night when you, me, Crow and Garrett got busted for smoking dope on the steps of Jesse Hall? Good times.”

“Heh. I told some people at work about that. They said I was lying.”

“Well, you were a different person back then.”

“Well, it was the ’80s.”

“Say, Roy, is Laurie there?”

“Sorry Pitt, she’s busy mowing the lawn.”

“Tell her I called.”

“I’ll think about it. Oh, Pitt…”

“Yes, Roy?”

“I really did like it when you got electrocuted.”




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