Duet: A Star Wars Story (kinda) III

Episode 3: More Margaritas

It’s long been established that I have a pretty great family. Any normal family would’ve tossed me in a sinkhole on the back 40 and covered it in brush many years ago and simply moved on with their lives.

So when the word came down that Chris would not be taking me to the comic book shop in Oklahoma City on Free Comic Book Day because his son had a T-Ball game (If you don’t appreciate the irony here then you don’t know the players involved), the rest of the family offered to step in and get me there.

But you know me. I don’t want to inconvenience people. I’d much rather complain. Plus, it’s already been a too long weekend of traveling and I don’t want to add a drive to OKC to that, especially since I don’t know where it is or how long it will take to get there and back. I figure let’s just get to Bartlesville where we’ll be spending the night and maybe there will be a comic book store there I can hit up.

“Oh, but first we’re going to stop in Pawhuska for a late lunch at the Pioneer Woman Mercantile.”

Wait. What?

I did not sign up for a side trip to the Pioneer Woman Mercantile. This is not — in any way, shape or form — how anyone should be spending Free Comic Book Day. I’m confident that the Pioneer Woman Mercantile does not offer comic books — free or for sale. Did they even have comic books in pioneer days? I doubt it. It’s the reason all those pioneers were so unhappy.

Another 4-to-6 hour trek in the van and we arrive in Pawhuska. The plan was to get there around 3 p.m. and there would be no line. The plan went awry. There was a line out the door to get into the restaurant. The wait for a table was 2 hours. I don’t eat lunch at 5 p.m. so we agreed to just continue on to Bartlesville. But not until we had shopped first, of course.


I did a quick search of the building, did not find comic books, and went upstairs to the couches until the shoppers were finished. My wife found a lovely container with a cow drawn on it that we now keep our coffee in.

As we continued on for the 45-minute-to-1-hour excursion to Bartlesville, someone realized that it was Cinco de Mayo, and maybe we should go to a Mexican place to eat. If someone had realized that earlier in the day we could’ve avoided the whole odyssey to Pawhuska. I don’t believe Pioneer Woman serves burritos, even if you could get a seat.

An hour later we were in B-ville where we found a nice Mexican joint that could easily accommodate the 11 of us. They even had the Kentucky Derby on the big screen TV.

“I’ll have a pitcher of margaritas. And a chimichanga.”

By the time we left the restaurant all the stress and anxiety of the weekend had been washed away. We even found a gaming shop in town that was participating in FCBD, so after dropping off the family at Sister1’s house, the sisters and I made the drive across town to Paper Games.

It was your typical gamer/comic shop. They had the free books out on a table. Since it was late the guy said take as many as you like. The Marvel books were gone but that was OK since I knew they’d be available online in a week or so. I got a decent stack and even bought a comic to show I’m not a total leech. Mission finally accomplished.

The next morning we ate some delicious breakfast pizzas and hit the road. In case you were wondering, my phone was indeed embedded in the recliner cushions. And the cats hadn’t gnawed on it.



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