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3 responses to “Contact

  1. Thanks for the wonderful article about Jill. I’ve not heard that story before but can only imagine that from Jill.

    Thanks heaps

  2. After the first episode I thought I was going to be disappointed in Glee, but the show is beginning to grow on me. The characters are becoming more interesting and the musical numbers are good. Their singing is almost as good as the Stockton students from the late 70’s! HA! The cheerleading (Cheerios sponsor) sponsor is a hoot.

  3. Neighbor Dave

    Okay, I’m over my Prometheus rant.. I just wanted to let you know that Sideshow Collectibles creates new statues for ComicCon and one of this year’s is “Hawkeye Premium Format”. Here’s a link to the teaser..
    It doesn’t show you much…It will be expensive but their stuff is excellent…
    Start hiding money from “The Wife” now so you can buy it and I’ll pretend to give it to you for Christmas or something…

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